Why you should taste our products?

Primeraly because it's delicious!

  • You will receive constantly monitored, inspected, healthy premium products.
  • There are no additional artificial additives in our products, only a few products are being marinated in salt. We enhance taste by air-seasoning over months, coupled with spices and noble mould. We select the spices, seasonings and use our home grown paprika.
  • Our animals live in organic pleasant environment free of chemicals. Since they are raised in National Parks you will find the trademark on the product labels.
  • Food for the cattles and buffaloes are consist of several different type of wild grass. The meats distinct flavor/taste comes from this type of diet.
  • The meat of animals raised in the wild contains minimal, 1-2% fat.
  • Our "hand-craft" production is controlled by our salami master throughout the whole process.
  • We possess the source of origin certificate from the Hungarian Grey Cattle Association.
    The presence of the symbol makes it obvious to consumers that the product's unique characteristics stem from its geographical origin, which also increases consumer confidence in the product.
  • Our process begins with the very best cuts of meat, not leftover scraps! The finest meats are processed: thigh, neck, shoulder.
  • You can monitor the source of salami leaving our factory! Find the ENAR number on the label on each salami. If you send that number by SMS, you shall review information on the animal: was it a cow or bull, how old it was, when it was cut, weight, the name of slaughterhouse and processing factory.

Taste it, and discover the flavor of this special meat selection!